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Pancho came to me as my Art Director but ended up being my friend.

Those kinds of friends that take you to the ice cream shop when he notices that you are upset, those kinds of Art Directors that have eyes in their hearts.

Francisco Arranz would be an outstanding bullfighter if he put his mind to it but, luckily, for now he is just an outstanding creative, art director, writer, reader, blacksmith, mezcal taster, tacos seeker, talker, stonecutter, actor, (just karaoke) singer, dildo (ask if interested) and ordained minister.

Pancho insatiable curiosity makes him a unique professional, creative and friend; an earth-man that flies.


Francisco Arranz is a person I will always want to have in my team. Note that I say person, not only creative, because he is an excellent person and creative. A top notch professional in my opinion is somebody who has outstanding talent and the necessary maturity and humility to deal with it. Francisco has both.


He is one of the freshest and brightest creatives I have worked with, and he is also an extremely kind and generous human being, this makes him the perfect player for any creative team.


He is also has a witty and unique sense of humor which translates to really unforgettable work and overall happier and more motivated teams. It's difficult to come across somebody like Francisco, known as Pancho by those who have the honor to be close to him, so if you have the opportunity to bring him to your team, do it before I do (because I definitely will work with him again).

- Nicolas Bernaudo

Creative Copywriter

- Monica Douglas

Executive Creative Director at dentsuAchtung!

I had the pleasure of working with Francisco (or Pancho, as I call him) for almost 4 years, most of which we spent at Leo Burnett in Chicago. He has a keen eye for detail, a contagiously positive attitude, and a deep enthusiasm for creating original, meaningful content. And he knows how to karaoke. I truly enjoyed working with him and always look forward to seeing what he does next.

- Luna Hurtado

Creative Copywriter

I have worked with Francisco Arranz for over 3 years and hold him in the highest regard. Francisco (aka Pancho) has always demonstrated his dedication to the agency and we have always been able to count on him in times of need with his art, design and conceptual skills. He is a great thinker, a great teammate and someone I would recommend anywhere. It’s been a pleasure to work with Francisco.

- Ciro Sarmiento

Chief Creative Officer at Dieste

I have had the pleasure of getting to know Francisco during the two years he has shared with us at Miami Ad School. I am proud to say that not only has he completed the Portfolio Program with complete satisfaction, but I have also witnessed his growth as a person and his development as a professional during this time at the school. For this reason, I am completely sure that he will be a valuable addition to your company/agency as he has a great creative talent, is proactive, hardworking, with great communication skills and very good social skills. Teamwork is one of her strengths and he shows great empathy and perseverance in his work. Virtues that are surely essential to perform any function successfully in communication, creativity and advertising.

I have had the opportunity to be Francisco's Production counterpart on several projects. What a delight. He is a wonderful Creative talent. Francisco understands the elements of good design and concepts. He is a problem solver and very dedicated. He always looks for ways to elevate the creative work and brings value to every project. He has great computer skills and always strives for excellence. He is upbeat, makes work fun and builds a spirit of teamwork.

- Manu Cabanillas

Managing Director en Miami Ad School Madrid

- Lisa Kunst

Senior Integrated Content Producer

Francisco has been a great asset to the Leo Burnett creative department. In the projects I've seen that he's been involved with, Francisco brings a unique perspective and a great outlook. Highly recommended.

- Craig Shparago

Creative Director / Writter

Francisco is a talented, dedicated art director. He's a great partner to collaborate with, always coming in with big ideas and bringing them to life beautifully and quickly. He has a great, stress-free attitude and meets every deadline with a smile.

- Kathy Truong

Associate Creative Director at TracyLocke

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